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 1965 BSCC - Rules

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Frank Verplanken
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Frank Verplanken

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PostSubject: 1965 BSCC - Rules   1965 BSCC - Rules Icon_minitimeThu 5 Dec 2013 - 22:41

1965 BRSCC British Saloon Car Championship

1965 BSCC - Rules Affiche%201966%20BSCC

Historic GT & TC mod

For this series we will use a specially made HSO add-on to the 1.95 version of the Historic GT&TC mod by the HistoriX mod team. Thanks again to Alberto Ibanez who created the HSO add-on :chinois:.

--> DOWNLOAD MOD part 1<--
--> DOWNLOAD MOD part 2<--
--> PATCH 1.95 <--
--> HSO 1965 BSCC ADD-ON <--

If you already have a standard HGT 1.95 installation you only need to download the HSO add-on. It will only add a carset to your installation and will not give you mismatches if you race elsewhere with the standard HGT 1.95 mod. You will need to select the HSO 1965 BSCC carset in the player selection, where it is listed as a different mod from the standard HGT 1.95 one.

Car Selection

The field is divided in three displacement classes featuring 7 different models of cars :

Class D (+2,000cc) : Ford Mustang, Ford Falcon
Class C (2,000cc) : Ford-Lotus Cortina, ALFA-Romeo 1600 GTA, BMW 2002 Ti
Class B (1,300cc) : Abarth 1000 TCR, BMC Mini Cooper S1275

Each class comprises 15 cars, making for a total of 45 available cars.

These 45 cars are split among 8 different teams. Each team has between 2 and 9 cars in its stable, with some teams entering cars in different classes and others confined to one class.

Car selection is free - the fastest drivers are not restricted to the slower cars.
A driver cannot switch teams during the course of the championship. However it is allowed for a driver to drive a different car from the one he booked, provided both cars belong to the same team. For instance, a driver having booked the #95 Cortina of the Willment team can switch to any of the team's other cars, i.e. two Falcons and two Minis, for any given race. Changing of car will be possible if a) the new car has not been booked b) it has been booked but its driver announced his absence at the race c) an agreement has been made between drivers of the same team.

Six of the cars in the entry list are reserved entries for drivers of the HSO 1965 Formula 1 season, as these six cars were either driven by Grand Prix drivers (Clark, Brabham, Spence, Gardner) or entered by Grand Prix teams (Cooper, Lotus, Willment) in the real 1965 BSCC.

A driver missing two races in a row without any explanation on the forum, will have his car freed and made available for someone else to book.

Please make your car selection in the dedicated thread. Booking will be opened on Friday December 13th, at 8:00pm CET.

Championship Rules

The championship will be run over 8 meetings. Race length will vary between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the event.

Points System

The first five finishers of each class will receive the following points : 8-6-4-2-1.

Only cars covering 90% of the laps covered by the winner in their class will be eligible for championship points.

A class having four (4) or less starters will only give the following championship points : 4-2-1.

Only one overall drivers' championship will be held, combining the three classes, with only one overall champion crowned at the end of the year.
Only the 6 best results out of 8 possible will count at the end of the year.

There will be a Teams’ Championships, run along the same lines as the drivers' championship. Only the best single result of each team will be retained at each race (no addition of points scored in different classes).

Event Schedule

All meetings will be held on Wednesday nights (all times given as CET)

20:00 – Qualifying
20:50 – Drivers’ briefing and reconnaissance laps
21:00 – Race start

Race server password : hso65

Starts will be given standing on the grid immediately after the end of the reconnaissance laps procedure.

Depending on the track and on attendance, classes may be split into two or three separate races.

Training Server

A training server running on the next scheduled track will be online permanently. Password : hso65

Race Start Procedure

--> Reconnaissance Laps <--

Behaviour on track

- as for all HSO races, it is required you use your real name both in-game and on the forum. Thank you.

- Chatting is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in race session. It is allowed in qualifying sessions for technical issues only.

- Drive Through : If a driver has to do a drive through, even if there is no pit lane speed limit, he has to drive through the pitlane at 100km/h max (60mph). If he doesn't respect this, he will get a 30s penalty at the end of the race.

- Shortcuts : If a driver gains a position after shortcutting a turn, he is required to give it back as soon as possible. In the case where a driver would not do it rapidly, a 30-second penalty will be added to his total race time. In the event of abusive and intentional shortcutting, severe sanctions will be applied (up to definitive a ban from the league). To make sure you never shortcut a turn, try to always keep two wheels on the track.

- Respect the red light at the end of the pitlane.

Application and Interpretation of the Regulations

The admins alone are qualified to solve any problems raised by the application and the interpretation of the present regulations.
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Frank Verplanken
League Owner
Frank Verplanken

Number of posts : 13574
Age : 48
Location : Nice, France
Registration date : 2008-09-08

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PostSubject: Re: 1965 BSCC - Rules   1965 BSCC - Rules Icon_minitimeSat 15 Feb 2014 - 14:44

As the ever vigilant Antoine pointed out to me, there was a mistake in the rules : only the 6 best results out the possible 8 were retained for the 1965 BSCC standings, not 7. Corrected now, thanks Ant  :top:

The teams' standings is not operational yet on the site (we never had a teams' points chase before) but it will soon Wink
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François Remmen
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François Remmen

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1965 BSCC - Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1965 BSCC - Rules   1965 BSCC - Rules Icon_minitimeSun 30 Mar 2014 - 19:14

hello chaps

Wonder if anybody know  there was in  1965 bscc a wet race at one of the tracks in the list


found it , goodwood delayed due a hailstorm and RAIN!!  :D :D 
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1965 BSCC - Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1965 BSCC - Rules   1965 BSCC - Rules Icon_minitime

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1965 BSCC - Rules
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