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 **HSO Rulings | Round 2 - Spa-Francorchamps**

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Jonatan Acerclinth
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Jonatan Acerclinth

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**HSO Rulings | Round 2 - Spa-Francorchamps** Empty
PostSubject: **HSO Rulings | Round 2 - Spa-Francorchamps**   **HSO Rulings | Round 2 - Spa-Francorchamps** Icon_minitimeWed 2 Oct 2019 - 18:55

After reviewing the replay from round 2 the admins have made the following decissions.

Race 1:

Jonatan Acerclinth recieves a Warning for Dangerous Driving in the opening 3 corners. Jonatan is entitled to his line on the inside going into T1 and contact ensues. He choses to brake as to not cause more trouble for Wilks who ends up on two wheels but this causes a stack-up which ultimately leads to further contact down the field down Kemmell Straight.
While deciding to try to avoid further trouble, braking when the incident was allready finished was not a good idea, which lead to further dangerous situations for other drivers with it being the opening turns which makes us feel a warning is warranted. It's a very close call though which is why a harsher penalty is not applied to Jonatan who, as an admin, should lead by example.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw further disciplinary action from the league.

Race 2:

Mick Chapman recieves a Warning for Avoidable Contact with Alcocer at Turn 4 (Les Combes) on Lap 1.
Heading towards Les Combes, Alcocer is side by side with Jason White and both of them brakes a bit early for safety which Mick fails to take into consideration and seemingly brakes at his normal braking point which unfortunately sees him hit the back of Alcocer, sending him off and down the field.
A bit more foresight, especially on the opening lap, would be prefferable.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw further disciplinary action from the league.

Honza Mild recieves a Warning for Aggressive Driving at Turn 5.
Honza tries a slight cut-back to make the move after Jason White and Steve Parker has a bit of a coming together but hits the back of Jasons Ford, sending him wide. Honza then proceeds to try to shoot the ever closing gap between Steve and Jason, makes big contact with Jason sending him up on two wheels and into the side of Steve Parker, costing Jason and Steve time.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw further disciplinary action from the league.

Jacob Fredriksson recieves a Warning for Avoidable Contact with Øyvind Andersen at the Bus Stop on Lap 1.
Jacob brakes a bit too late and ends up hitting Andersens' rear end which sees them both spin off and down the field.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw further disciplinary action from the league.

Denis Takistani recieves a Back of the Grid Penalty for Avoidable Contact with Mick Chapman on Lap 4 when approaching Les Fagnes.
After a slight error by Denis, Mick makes his way up the inside where there is enough of a gap with a little of of rubbing side by side at Puhon. When they then head towards Les Fagnes Mick is sitting slightly towards the apex but head of the braking zone goes for the normal racing line and brakes at his usual braking point. Denis fails to take into consideration the different braking points and makes contact with the rear of Micks Audi.
Had this been Denis' first incident of this kind we would have issued a warning only but since this is his 3rd such incident in 4 races we feel that a statement punishment needs to be made. See this as an opportunity to practice and prove that an improvement has been made at the next meeting.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw further disciplinary action from the league.

If you have any questions regarding the rulings, please direct a PM to me as Juha won't be available until the weekend.
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**HSO Rulings | Round 2 - Spa-Francorchamps**
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