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 **HSO Rulings | Round 1: Donington**

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Jonatan Acerclinth
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**HSO Rulings | Round 1: Donington** Empty
PostSubject: **HSO Rulings | Round 1: Donington**   **HSO Rulings | Round 1: Donington** Icon_minitimeWed 30 Jan 2019 - 21:09

After reviewing the replay from round 1 the admins have made the following decissions.


Pascal Mikula recieves a warning for Avoidable Contact with Steve Parker in Goddards hairpin on Lap 2. Mikula completely missjudges his braking for the corner and fails to stop in time, resulting in contact with the rear side panel of Parkers Renault sending the former around and out of the race.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw disciplinary action from the league.

David Jundt recieves a warning for Avoidable Contact with Marc Florkin in the Craner Curves. While Florkin was about to be lapped, we feel that he has the right of way in the left hander at Craners and to wait until the Old Hairpin to let Jundt by. Jundt doesn't seem to want to lose momentum down the hill which results in the two coming together, which sends Florkin off the track and out of the race.

A bit more respect from both drivers who are about to lap and those that are being lapped is needed.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw disciplinary action from the league.

Jonatan Acerclinth recieves a warning for an Unsafe Rejoin at Goddards on Lap 18. Because Acerclinth wanted to get going and not lose time, he joined the race right in front of Peter Blom who had nowhere to go and contact was made.

A repeat incident of this kind will draw disciplinary action from the league.

Race 2:

Pascal Mikula recieves a warning + a penalty for Avoidable Contact with Cezariusz Czlapinski when going towards Redgate. The Penalty will be a back of the grid start in the next BTCC 1996 race that Mikula attends as well as a warning to be careful to not cause another accident in that race that is caused by a lack of foresight or lack of care.
With this being Mikulas second warning for a very similar incident we feel this warrants the penalty. The battle has been ongoing since the chicane the lap before and Mikula makes two big moves which Czlapinski defends from in a fair way. When they then head towards Redgate Czlapinski makes it very clear he'll defend the inside line which Mikula fails to respect and he then fails to lift in time, making contact with the rear of Czlapinski's Nissan sending Czlapinski off the track and out of the top 10.

General Notes:

The racing looked fair, despite a few moments of contact, and without too many bad incidents overall. Despite this though, we would like to point out a few things.

Double check your hardware guys. A few drivers had flickering brake lights, seemingly slowing them down on the straights. This could cause incidents if the brakes lock on at an in-opportune time.

Also, a few incidents occured because drivers seemed unaware of their surroundings. Virtual mirrors are available and encouraged since it may be difficult to see all the mirrors in these cars. If you are not aware of how to make them work, ask any of us admins and we'll give you instructions on how to make them work.

Finally, a lot of Cutting happened in both Qualifyings and Races. Now, the game allowed them, therefore we won't dish out penalties this time but if there seems to be deliberate and blatant cutting, know that penalties will be handed out.
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**HSO Rulings | Round 1: Donington**
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