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 RACE CONTROL (All driver read please)

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RACE CONTROL (All driver read please) Empty
PostSubject: RACE CONTROL (All driver read please)   RACE CONTROL (All driver read please) Icon_minitimeTue 13 Feb 2018 - 18:49

Since we are having most races broadcasted with two admins present, we have made the decission to implement a race control/direction in as many of our events as possible. Race control will asume the functions of giving the green flag and any necessary instructions to all or specific drivers during the race. It will also issue black flags in two situations, with the following message in the chat:

1- A car that is damaged and needs to pit to stop being a danger on track:

BLACK FLAG (Driver name) PIT

In this situation the driver has to pit next time by and repair. He can go back to track but will be under watch.

2- A car whose driver is not performing adequately and creates dangerous situations on track for whatever reason, or when the repairs did not solve the problem and constitutes a hazard. 

BLACK FLAG (Driver name)

In this situation the driver is required to park the car next time he goes by the pits and leave the event.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in being kicked out of the session.

To ensure the message is seen, it is from now on required that all drivers in the event keep the game chat visible to receive any message. Remember that chatting during the race or qualy sessions is still strictly forbidden, so only messages from race control will appear (Besides some game messages which you should anyway normally be interested in) and there should be no chat replies to them from the drivers.

Please note that race control is not God and might miss several situations (As real race control does), and that it will also only act in specific cases that require inmediate action for safety reasons. For all other racing incidents, the usual system of logging a protest via PM to the series admin after the race stands to your avail.
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RACE CONTROL (All driver read please)
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