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 North Wilkesboro for rFactor?

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Timo Vermeersch
Racing Legend
Timo Vermeersch

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North Wilkesboro for rFactor? Empty
PostSubject: North Wilkesboro for rFactor?   North Wilkesboro for rFactor? Icon_minitimeFri 18 Sep 2009 - 13:33

Does anyone know of a North Wilkesboro-oval for rFactor? I'm looking for it to replicate the Winston 1988-cup because ... Arrow Arrow

Arrow For those of you who like Nascar-racing, I can recommend this http://www.vhracing.net/VHR-Stockcar/Main/The%20News.htm. Over at the download-section they have an Aero 88 mod for rFactor drunken drunken affraid . You have to install the base pack first however.

Saw a review of the main mod on Inside Simracing on my hollidays and when going to their site, was thrilled at the Aero 88.

Fiddled around with it last night. Just drove the Trucks a bit in the base mod and those don't really hit it off for me. The Aero 88 however, I like a lot. They feel really good. From outside, they don't look superb, but very good neverthelles, but once in the cockpit, everything looks fantastic.

As to the tracks that come with the mod, the longer speedways and superspeedways like Atlanta and Daytona e.g. look and feel very good. The shorter once's like Dover or Bristol however feel kinda overly "cramped" to me. I could not yet get used to them. Also drove some laps on JNS Rockingham, also a mid short track and that felt way better. A real pain in the ass in the tracks that come with the mod is making it out of the infield on to the track. It's hard to find your way around and the AI just crash in every possible wall... The AI seem quiet bad in general actually, which would be normal as I think they mainly conceived it as an online mod.

The feel of the cars is also great IMO. The back is slightly loose as I would expect from Nascar cars from this era. But watch out, once they step over the limit, there is not a lot you can do. They also respond very well to set-up changes, maybe slightly overly. At Rockingham or Dover, can't remember, the back was slightly too nervous so I just put the rear springs two ticks softer and immediately gained almost one full second... on a 25-26 sec lap... Maybe overdone. Then again, in real life Nascar drivers are rumoured to sort out a car by just adding some pressure to the tyres, so who knows...

The FF is a bit erratic at times when standing still but once driving, it feels OK to me.

Overall, this one has great potential for fun IMO. Maybe for an open event ... ?

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Guillaume Siebert
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Guillaume Siebert

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North Wilkesboro for rFactor? Empty
PostSubject: Re: North Wilkesboro for rFactor?   North Wilkesboro for rFactor? Icon_minitimeFri 18 Sep 2009 - 18:42

Sadly I think this track isnt available for rFactor. Lots of GPL tracks have been converted, but not many from NR2003. I think the main reason for that is simply that rFactor cannot handle oval races correctly (too many bugs).

But thanks for the link, i'll give it a look Smile
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North Wilkesboro for rFactor?
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