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 Cart Factor (AMS)

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PostSubject: Cart Factor (AMS)   Cart Factor (AMS) Icon_minitimeMon 25 Jan 2021 - 23:41


I am painting a carset for Cart Factor mod (automobilista version, but I have encountered the same problem in rFactor version too)

Problem is. No matter what I do with genstring or painting Lola car will always use Goodyear tyres and yellow cockpit when driving- Cockpit is actually ok in spinner it takes my edited dds.

But when driving in in car view it just takes yellow again for some reason. It is really annoying.

And It seems it is impossible to use Firestone tires. I tried everything (mainly copying genstring from reynards that uses Firestones) but nothing worked.

Problem is there is only one single Lola in original Cart Factor carset and it has yellow cockpit and is on Goodyear tires. It almost seems as if those two things are hardwired somehow.

Can someone help me?

Thank you!
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Timo Vermeersch
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Timo Vermeersch

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PostSubject: Re: Cart Factor (AMS)   Cart Factor (AMS) Icon_minitimeTue 26 Jan 2021 - 7:32

Hi Mears,

I wish I could be of some help here, but this is really beyond my limited comprehension of mods.

Hope someone else steps is with better advice.

Kind regards,


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Cart Factor (AMS) Inters12
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Jukka Närhi
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Jukka Närhi

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PostSubject: Re: Cart Factor (AMS)   Cart Factor (AMS) Icon_minitimeTue 26 Jan 2021 - 18:15

My best guess is as the original mod only had that one Lola, there no provision to switch to Firestone rubber. As for the cockpit colour, I think the high-detail cockpit may be separated from the bodywork texture altogether :smil20:
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PostSubject: Re: Cart Factor (AMS)   Cart Factor (AMS) Icon_minitime

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Cart Factor (AMS)
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