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 Souci avec mon volant

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Laurent Binet
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Laurent Binet

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PostSubject: Souci avec mon volant   Souci avec mon volant Icon_minitimeSat 18 Jan 2014 - 0:47

Après un souci avec mon G27, je l'ai réinstallé et j'ai depuis une sensation bizarre. Une sorte de zone morte lorsque je tourne le volant que ce soit à droite ou à gauche. Sur cette zone bien que le volant tourne, ca n'a aucun effet sur la voiture.

j'avoue ne pas être très doué avec toutes ces questions donc si vous avez des idées c'est sympa car ca rend la conduite bien compliquée
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Alex Barresi
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Alex Barresi

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PostSubject: Re: Souci avec mon volant   Souci avec mon volant Icon_minitimeSun 19 Jan 2014 - 12:49

Control panel:
600° of rotation, 100% FFB strenght, all other forces at zero; deactivate "centering spring" and "combined pedals".

In game: put my parameters in a file .ini inside your "Controller" folder, and load this file from inside the game.
Use 30° of steering lock in your setup, if possible.

[ Force Feedback ]
FFB Device Type="1" // Device type set to "Wheel"
FFB Effects Level="1" // Don't go any further then 2. Setting 2 is tires feedback + rumble strips (that are not 3D models (texture-only kerb)). Higher settings introduce those unrealistic vibrations.
FFB Gain="1.00000" // This probably is multiplier for the mod defined FFB strenght.
FFB steer force prediction="0.00000" // ZERO!
FFB steer force max change="10.00000" // ISI says when set to 100 this is DISABLED! For good!
FFB steer force neutral range="0.00000" // we don't want ffb deadzone.
FFB steer force neutral function="0.00000" // My guess is that these "functions" are used only if what it refers to is used.
FFB steer force exponent="0.50000" // now we have linear FFB, if set to higher then 1.0 it increases slower, if below 1 it raises faster. This functions similiar to any of the Axis sensitivity sliders.
FFB steer force input max="-32767.00000" // this is "resolution" of the ffb, no need to set it to higher values, we still don't have wheels capable of "playing" all this different levels of FFB.
FFB steer force output max="5.0000" // Overall strength. Personal preference. I set it to 1 to avoid potential FFB clipping, not that I don't have it now, it just may be reduced a lot.
FFB steer force grip function="1.00000" // set to 1 and forget it.
FFB steer force grip weight="0.50000" // well this is a bit tricky. If you set it to lets say 0.9 it mens that if you understeer heavily, you will loose 90 percent of the force on your wheel. In RL you, just feel slight change in feedback, feel is like wheels have just went over small bump, and force remains almost the same strenght. Only when its raining feedback decreases a lot.
FFB steer force grip factor="1.00000" // Probably the most important paramter. It defines the front / rear tire amount of feedback - on the STEERING WHEEL! Well thats impossible! If set to 1.0 it means Front tires 100%!
FFB steer front grip fract="0.00000" // set this to zero.
FFB steer update threshold="0.00000" // set this to zero.
FFB steer friction coefficient="0.00000" // you can add weight to your wheel with this
FFB steer friction saturation="1.00000" // saturation within a range defined in FFB steer force input max
FFB steer damper coefficient="0.00000" // here you can add some damping.
FFB steer damper saturation="1.00000" // same as steer friction saturation.
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Souci avec mon volant
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