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 HSO 2023

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Frank Verplanken
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Frank Verplanken

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PostSubject: HSO 2023   HSO 2023 Icon_minitimeTue 25 Oct 2022 - 12:36

Hello HSOers !

I hope you are all well, although I guess none of us is getting younger with the years but what can you do eh !? :D

The great HRRC created by Jake “GPLaps” in which some HSO members have been participating this year has made us wanting for more.

So, as Jake’s HRRC was a one-time thing only and won’t be repeated in 2023, we are actually working on having a series next year at HSO with this great 1954 Endurace mod of rFactor 2. Nothing is set yet, but the plan would be to have around 15 races on Sundays, with 3-week intervals between races, all events obviously being recreations of real races these cars used to race in.

Also in the works are some rallying events by our resident flying Finn Jukka, using the historic cars available in the glorious (and very much alive and kicking) Richard Burns Rally sim.

All in all this could make for some nice online classic racing, and although nowhere near as gargatuan as the schedules we used to have back in the day is the best we could offer in terms of HSO racing with the manpower available on the admin side nowadays.

I guess there will also be room for an Open event with other rF2 mods here and there, but let’s just not run wild with it and first try to have a solid 1954 series going with some cool rallying events and see where we could go from there.

So, how many of you old timers would be in for that kind of programme ? Some HRRC members have already declared their interest in participating in 2023 HSO events, but we’d need a full grid to make it all worthwile so hopefully we can wake up the HSO spirit in some of our old members !

As usual, comments and suggestions welcomed.


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Karel Marciniszyn
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Karel Marciniszyn

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PostSubject: Re: HSO 2023   HSO 2023 Icon_minitimeTue 1 Nov 2022 - 7:53

I ll do my best to attend some races!

I am ashamed for my stats way too much to show them :D
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HSO 2023
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