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 Classic Motorsport Hub!

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Pascal Mikula
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PostSubject: Classic Motorsport Hub!   Classic Motorsport Hub! Icon_minitimeMon 12 Sep 2022 - 17:43

Hello Race Fans!

Classic Motorsport Hub! Ezgif.com-gif-maker-19e7fc57052611dbc

At Classic Motorsport Hub you'll be able to relive the golden days of historic sim racing, using rFactor 1 (and maybe AMS1) and only the most authentic rules and regulations.

What started as a shameless HSO rip-off has evolved (to a shameless HSO rip-off with style lol! ), over the past two years, into its own thing, with an in-house developed mod (Grand Touring Group 5), great races, and its own broadcast package.

For the remainder of 2022 (as it stands now), on Thursdays there's British Formula Ford 1973 (using David Sabre's mod) and on Sundays 1971 SCCA Trans-Am (using the HistoriX mod and TA-1 cars only)!

One more "open" race for the so-called Masters Trophy remains as well, a 500-mile ChampCar race at the end of October!

For 2023...well, I don't wanna leak anything just yet, but for 2023 I've got three 500-mile races in my book ...  :flag:

Besides the racing league stuff, we also run the host package for the P4OW league, which will take over the Thursday slot with their "The Challenge" program in 2023; and also a massive file repository as a replacement after the shut-down of the TrippTeam repository, rFactorCentral, and many more.

Please do join many of your fellow former HSO co-drivers on the CMH Forum for the ultimate racing experience - you won't regret it.  :first: :conduit:

CMH Forum: https://classicmotorsporthub.boards.net

YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh0CMsFqzp5WopNYD7yOIqg

CMH HFS: http://classicmotorsporthub.org:200

CMH HFS Discord Support: https://discord.gg/mBHUwae7CH

Owner of Classic Motorsport Hub - Your #1 Historic Sim Racing Network! Join the spiritual successor of HSO @ https://classicmotorsporthub.boards.net  :hello:

2016 1000km of Kyalami Winner! Classic Motorsport Hub! WEC1983_pAG1
2017 Grand Prix of Italy Winner!  Classic Motorsport Hub! ASenna_01
2018 Indianapolis 500 Pole Position Winner! Classic Motorsport Hub! USAC74_14
2018 Can-Am Challenge at Riverside Winner! Classic Motorsport Hub! 7McLaren
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Classic Motorsport Hub!
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