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 Driver behaviour - Indy 500

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Richard Coxon
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Richard Coxon

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Driver behaviour - Indy 500 Empty
PostSubject: Driver behaviour - Indy 500   Driver behaviour - Indy 500 Icon_minitimeSun 19 May 2019 - 12:18

First off, this is aimed at everyone. Learn from the errors I have listed below.

I have just watched the replay and there was some very aggressive driving very early at the start and after a return to green flag racing, Jan Kowalski and Martin Lacina were the worst from yesterday. Your tires will be nowhere near racing temperature - nowhere near!

Spacial awareness is another thing, Raul Jereb drifted into the path of another car causing him to check up and then caused a collision. I really hope everyone has virtual mirrors on, if you don't but aren't sure how to get them on, ASK! We would rather you ask and us take the time to tell you than a potential accident happening.

But overall several drivers looked to be very underprepared. Jan again, it is obvious your car is a handful and you complained of it pushing, again ask for help, I can even give you a setup. Just ask. François, your car got very loose in traffic, again, work on your setup or adjust it so you know it will be safe. You claimed cold tires, but you need to make sure that your car will be safe in all scenario's.

But if your car is a handful, even with a setup, it can happen, back off, don't drive at 100%, take it easy lift into corners more. I know time constraints are a factor, but if they are that restrictive, you need to be asking yourself "Should I be undertaking a 500 mile race with such little practice and preparation?"

That leads into another problem several people had, if you are in the tow, you are potentially going to be travelling 5-10mph quicker, so why do people think that they can still take the corner flat out as it they are running on their own? Simple answer you cannot. Also if you are overtaking someone, you will have to lift more otherwise your car will drift up the track and into the car you are overtaking.

Finally, these things are really simple to learn and adjust too, yet we have the same issues race after race. Races are not won on lap one, they are won on the last lap, as David Sabre said yesterday, if you are overtaken :smil20: Get in line and work with the car in front, swapping positions every lap will just lose you and the car you are overtaking time, leading to the pack or car in front pulling away. I saw this several times yesterday.

P.S Everyone is effectively on a warning, we accept accidents are going to happen, but if we see anything that is the result of careless driving, overly aggressive driving, or just outright stupidity, there will be major sanctions for the rest of the season.
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Mathieu Leclerc
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Mathieu Leclerc

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Driver behaviour - Indy 500 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Driver behaviour - Indy 500   Driver behaviour - Indy 500 Icon_minitimeMon 14 Oct 2019 - 17:15

i think this warning should have been repeated for all 500 miles races (triple crown) races and ovals
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Driver behaviour - Indy 500
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