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 **HSO Rulings | Road Atlanta**

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**HSO Rulings | Road Atlanta** Empty
PostSubject: **HSO Rulings | Road Atlanta**   **HSO Rulings | Road Atlanta** Icon_minitimeMon 12 Feb 2018 - 21:57

After reviewing Round 3, the admins have made the following decisions.

Regarding the start, these drivers are issued warnings for advancing their position before they crossed the start/finish line:

Scott Urick
Jacob Fredriksson
Petr Hlavac
Joe Miller
Philippe Henrique

Quoting the series rules on starts: "Overtaking before crossing the start/finish line is not allowed."
A repeat start line infraction by any of the above drivers will draw disciplinary action by the league.

Filippo Marazzi receives a one race suspension in the Can-Am series for the following issues:

- Driving an excessive distance on track with a flat tire; thus putting the other drivers at needless risk. 
- On lap 29: Failing to yield to two lead lap drivers and colliding with them as a result, ruining their races.

Both of the above situations were easily avoidable, hence the severity of the penalty.  Repeat incidents of these kinds in future races will draw further disciplinary action from the league.

Philippe Henrique receives a warning for his poor driving while being lapped.  Purposely going to the gravel to let cars by is not a good idea, as it unbalances the car.  The end result of these maneuvers was bad, more often than not.  Holding your line and slowing at an opportune moment to let a lapping car by is far safer. Repeat incidents like these will draw disciplinary action from the league.
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**HSO Rulings | Road Atlanta**
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