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 Crashday: Redline Edition NOW on Steam!

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Crashday: Redline Edition NOW on Steam! Empty
PostSubject: Crashday: Redline Edition NOW on Steam!   Crashday: Redline Edition NOW on Steam! Icon_minitimeThu 17 Aug 2017 - 22:18

It's been a few days now, but the "Remake" of the classic wrecking race game Crashday has been released upon us in its Steam version, "Redline"!

For those who know Crashday, skip the next few lines.
For those who don't and are probably asking now, "What the heck is Crashday and why have I never heard of it?", here's why (History Lesson with Pascal incoming):
The History of Crashday:

I got my copy of Crashday with a CD of a 2009 issue of the German Gaming Magazine "Computer BILD Spiele". I loved the game from the get-go, and since I've discovered the world of mods, I found web pages like FlatOutJoint, which has sadly been taken down in 2015, I think, and also, all kinds of mods from other pages. However, I didn't like how the game kept crashing and basically killing my PC. (Mostly my fault for editing all the game files Twisted Evil )

Anyways, I first read about a Steam release of Crashday in late 2015, when a Facebook friend tagged me in a comment. Since then, I followed development and was very keen on when it would finally appear.
On July 13, 2016, MoonByte Studios, mainly run by Robert Clemens, announced a Steam Greenlight version of Crashday, which, expectedly, received a LOT of upvotes.
Clemens posted a video where he talked about the history of the game and development of the "Redline Edition" of Crashday on the game's YouTube channel on August 2nd, 2017. Watch it here:

Finally, on August 10, 2017, CrashDay: Redline Edition was released on Steam and is, as of August 17, 2017, on a 20% discount, which means, you can grab your copy of the game for $9.59 here: Crashday Redline Edition on Steam

The game features all original content of the original Crashday and also has full Steam Workshop support. Mods are marked with a blue "M" icon in game. The game has a launcher and mod manager included.

However, it's still Crashday after all, and that means that things like this shouldn't be impossible:
Crashday: Redline Edition NOW on Steam! 20170810

However, the game is receiving patches and this means, that hopefully the bugs will soon be history.

My sources about the history of the game:

  1. My mind and memory
  2. Crashday FB page
  3. Wikipedia (only for the cars list!)
  4. Steam Store

EDIT: I've been in touch with Crashday's FB page (which isn't just a fan page but official) and I've been given the hint that a player shown in the screenshot above, "Nummer", has been a known cheater for some time. In case any of you actually buy the game and bump into him in multiplayer, don't hesitate to report him. (When I've been in a game with him, I noticed his N2O boost being way stronger than the normal in-game boost, so watch out.)
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Crashday: Redline Edition NOW on Steam!
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