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 **HSO Rulings | Imola**

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**HSO Rulings | Imola** Empty
PostSubject: **HSO Rulings | Imola**   **HSO Rulings | Imola** Icon_minitimeMon 6 Feb 2017 - 17:44

After reviewing the replay of round 3, the admins have made the following decisions:

François Remmen, Jan Kowalski and Martin Lacina all receive warnings for chatting during the race session, which is not acceptable under any circumstances.  A repeat offense will result in a one-race suspension from the series.

François Remmen receives a warning for causing an avoidable multi-car accident by accelerating too hard on the wet apron. While it is not against the rules to make a driving error, this particular one could easily have been avoided, and having designed the race surface himself, François surely should have known the risks. A repeat offense of this kind will result in a one-race suspension from the series.

Greg Goissen receives a one-race suspension from this series for multiple race issues:

- Chatting during race session for the second straight round, an offense for which he had already been issued a warning.

- Driving a derelict car for several laps without repair, nearly causing accidents with other cars.  When a wheel is missing from a car in this mod, the race is effectively run. Greg should have parked his car instead of endangering other people's races by circulating on three wheels. 

Repeat offenses will draw further disciplinary action from the league. 

Paolo Rossetti receives a warning for aggressively blocking David Jundt lap after lap.  Taking a different line way in advance of a corner is legitimate defensive driving; intentionally drifting to the middle of the track when a pursuing car closes rapidly is blocking; so too is changing lanes under braking for a corner. Repeat offenses of this kind will result in a one-race suspension from the series.

On the subject of the requests for a restart, the admins would like to remind everyone that it is the drivers responsibility to make sure we have good starts by being careful and giving each other room.  If we, the admins, openly state that we will entertain the notion of restarts, the net result would be drivers viewing the first start as a chance to go banzai into turn 1, reasoning that there will be a restart if things go wrong. Therefore, the quality of the starts would actually get worse, not better.  The bottom line is that an incident on a start -- whether it involves one car, two cars, ten cars -- is in no way a guarantee that an admin will hit "restart race".  Asking for a restart in chat is not the way to address the issue we had on Sunday; driving more professionally is the way to address it.
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**HSO Rulings | Imola**
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