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 **HSO Rulings | College Station**

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**HSO Rulings | College Station** Empty
PostSubject: **HSO Rulings | College Station**   **HSO Rulings | College Station** Icon_minitimeTue 22 Mar 2016 - 16:11

After reviewing the replay of the TWS race, the admins have made the following rulings and determinations:

1) The following drivers are issued warnings for failing to slow for a full course yellow (in some cases leading to avoidable contact):

- Pascal Le pihive
- Jan Kowalski
- Ludovic Tiengou
- Vincent Beretta
- Gérard Ryon
- Claudio Navonne
- Raymond Riddall

Full course yellows are clearly announced by the server; drivers must pay attention to these announcements when they occur, and slow accordingly. Failure to acknowledge full course yellows in future races will draw disciplinary action from the league.

2) Philippe Henrique is issued a warning for chatting during the race, which is strictly prohibited.

Repeat offenses in future races will draw disciplinary action from the league.

3) Trevor Greene is issued a warning for multiple avoidable contacts with Mike Becnel under yellow and the chatting about it.

If a driver's internet connection is so bad that they cannot control their car under yellow, let alone at full speed, they should leave the server so they do not ruin someone else's race, and avoid chatting to make their annoyment evident. Repeat offenses in future races will draw disciplinary action from the league.

4) Philippe Henrique's stop and go penalty at the start of the race was correctly assessed by the server.

As the pace lap started, Philippe was very slow to get away, bogging down the first few rows in the process. The server ordered 
Philippe to the back, but he failed to comply. Therefore, he was handed a stop and go penalty once the race started. Earlier assertions by Philippe that the penalty was caused by a bug in the game are incorrect.
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**HSO Rulings | College Station**
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