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 IMSA 1973-75 Skin pack for Jolo 1975 mod

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IMSA 1973-75 Skin pack for Jolo 1975 mod Empty
PostSubject: IMSA 1973-75 Skin pack for Jolo 1975 mod   IMSA 1973-75 Skin pack for Jolo 1975 mod Icon_minitimeMon 4 Jun 2012 - 14:20

bears at the F1 Classics forum made a very nice addon for Jolo's GT mod:

bears at F1 Classics forum wrote:

It is time to travel back to 1974 and the IMSA series in USA.

I have always enjoyed Jolo's 1975 championship mod and noticed a couple of skins from the IMSA series.


Coming from Australia I knew very little about this series but after I stumbled across this great little site


I decided to try and put together a field of cars from this era. I love the late 60's and 70's racing....

There is around 27 skins in this pack, I have included an RFM file and Talent file also. It should install cleanly into an existing install of Jolo's great mod.

I have created most of the skins but I did gather some from other sources and they are given credit. I have used these sites for further reference and to add a few extra cars in.



Most of the cars are based on the Mid Ohio race of 74 with a few extras. Sample of some of the skins below

IMSA 1973-75 Skin pack for Jolo 1975 mod Sample10

Most are reasonably historically accurate but some are approximates as I could not find a lot of photos of some cars. I have added a Datsun and Alfa in and used the de tomaso sorry if this offends someone if it does don't download it... :-)

As with my other skins I am not the best skinner in the world my photoshop skills are improving but don't expect perfection. But you you will get a field of similar era cars with great Jolo physics to tackle the IMSA tracks of the mid 70's....

Of course you can also use the skins in the Historic Gt mod but I will leave that up to you...

I may yet do an addon pack for historic GT depending on time etc...

Hope you enjoy my small contribution back into this fine community. :-)


The full field of cars is below with credits where due if I missed someone sorry it was not intended.

Porsche 911

62 Bob Bergstrom
9 Harry Bytzek (from historic gt mod)
59 Peter Gregg
61 Jim Busby
81 Grey Egerton (base from historic gt I made some changes)
30 George Dyer
95 Bob Hagstead
4 Hurley Haywood
74 Ludwig Heimrath
14 Al Holbert (already in Jolo mod)
23 Charlie Kemp skin by DarthGoofy
1 Mike Keyser
65 Gregg Loomis


24 Brett Lunger (already in Jolo mod added stickers changed number)
42 Andy Petrey (already in Jolo mod added stickers changed number)


3 Harry Theodoracopulos


94 Tony Delorenzo
48 John Greenwood
57 Dave Heinz (used stripes from one of Smallblocks skin hope you don't mind... )
61 Jerry Lancaster
10 Roger Peirce
99 Phil Currin
68 Rick Hay
17 Jerry Thompson

De Tomaso

86 Hugh Kleinpeter


33 Bob Sharp


25 Bert Everett
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IMSA 1973-75 Skin pack for Jolo 1975 mod
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